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Dimensional Insight's Diver Solution™ delivers a comprehensive and fully integrated set of Business Intelligence capabilities, while providing rapid implementation and a low total cost of ownership. The Diver Solution™ provides a unified technology foundation consisting of ETL, security, analytics, mobile and portal components. This allows for a single point of administration and alleviates the need to manage and maintain multiple dispersed programs.

Information is delivered via the Intranet and/or Internet in the form of reports, charts, maps, and analytical applications directed specifically to the individual. This promotes better and timelier business decisions, while lowering the cost and resources required to deliver information to the enterprise. The Diver Solution™ is implemented within less than 30 days, as opposed to weeks and months, providing immediate return on investment.

The creation and delivery of reports and dashboard views are customized by the users' access and security settings. The system also monitors data thresholds and automatically notifies key people of events as they occur. Alerts include custom reports that are emailed or posted to a webpage automatically as the data is refreshed.

The Diver Solution gets the right information to the right people at the right time.

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The Diver platform supports the entire process of extracting, consolidating and converting data into a streamlined format suitable for delivery to users. Diver’s robust Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) tools extract the data from any source system, aggregate, merge, and transform that data, and apply business rules to load relevant and accurate data. Diver’s integrated ETL tools provides quick and easy access to a multitude of data sources: transactional databases, flat files, ODBC-compliant databases, Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets and a wide range of proprietary data formats including financial, CRM, ERP, EHR and similar operational systems. Because Diver enables the integration of data from any number of disparate sources, users are able to compare, for example, data collected from transactional systems with information in the data warehouse and legacy data sources or spreadsheets and flat files.



The core of Diver is Dimensional Insight’s patented data indexing technology and performance-optimized analytic data Model. Diver employs a unique array-based multidimensional indexing technology to transform large and diverse source data into highly optimized Models, ideal for reporting, analytics and data visualization. All Diver components interact with the Model. By indexing every possible inquiry path through the data, regardless of the number of dimensions in a Model or the complexity of calculations being performed, Diver’s unique data Model provides rapid, consistent response to analytic queries, reports, dashboards, and visualizations. Through the power and flexibility of the Diver data Model, users can “dive” (a Dimensional Insight term reflecting the broad data navigation flexibility offered by Diver that far exceeds standard drill-down) from any dimension into any other dimension, without extensive understanding of underlying data structures.



Diver includes a comprehensive array of interactive information delivery, reporting, dashboards, and analysis functionality that allows users to filter and access additional layers of detail directly — no additional report requests are required. Diver is unique in its ability to allow users to dive in any direction they wish without the limitations of pre-set drill paths or hierarchical constraints found in conventional OLAP tools. Through Diver’s comprehensive information delivery capabilities, diving is a simple point-and- click operation: No SQL queries, scripting or programming are required for users to explore and analyze data. This simplicity and flexibility makes Diver easy to learn, speeding adoption rates and accelerating an organization’s return on their BI investment and value to the organization.


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